Benefits of Living in a Halfway House

There are many benefits to living in a halfway house for men, women, and couples that are in early recovery. The crucial transitional period when you’re rebuilding your life should be a structured and supervised period. Often, when addicts and alcoholics finish a rehab program and go straight home, they experience a relapse. The benefits of living in a halfway house minimize those risks, and that’s why sober living is recommended when you step down from a residential treatment program.

Treatment centers and outpatient programs recommend a six-month stay in a halfway house for individuals to get back on their feet and strengthen their personal recovery. During this time, you should be attending twelve-step meetings and abiding by the rules of the transitional home.

Benefits of Living in a Halfway House

Are Sober Homes Necessary?

Sober homes are definitely not necessary, but they do help those in early recovery that want to stay sober but are triggered or experience cravings. Some of the benefits of living in a halfway house can include:

  • Sober living residences offer structure with on-site management and supervision by trained recovering addicts and/or professionals. At Life Change Recovery, we have 24/7 house managers that are trained in conflict resolution and have an amazing knowledge of the twelve steps to help newcomers in early recovery.
  • Drug and alcohol testing – many sober living facilities conduct random drug and alcohol urine screenings to ensure the environment is conducive to recovery. If residents are caught using drugs and/or alcohol, they are discharged and recommended to a detox program.
  • The support from peers, recovering addicts, and staff at sober living residences goes a long way to staying clean and sober when the going gets tough. This is one of the most important benefits, the comradery of a reputable halfway house keeps men, women, and couples clean despite any obstacles. House residents lift each other up and help each other, as opposed to taking the easy way out.

Our Delray Beach sober homes assist men, women, and couples in need of sober living residences. The benefits of living in a halfway house extend into our reputable sober homes. Begin the journey to rebuilding your life from the destruction of addiction under our guidance and support.

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