Addicts and alcoholics in early recovery often make the decision to live in a sober living environment during this vulnerable time. It’s a great decision that has helped countless individuals avoid relapse, but what are the actual benefits of sober living? If you’re on the fence about whether you should invest your time and effort in sober living, we’ve compiled a list of 5 great benefits of sober living that can make your decision easier. There is a misguided stigma attached to transitional living homes and halfway houses that comes primarily from misinformation. Our mission is to provide the truth about the benefits of sober living.

The benefits of sober living

The Truth About Sober Homes

  1. Structured environment – sober living homes and halfway houses have rules in place for the safety of all residents. These rules are created to maintain an atmosphere of recovery and to help every resident avoid relapse while building life skills and accountability. Common rules include a night-time curfew, requirements for attending twelve-step meetings, and daily chores.
  2. On-site management – many sober homes that are serious about the recovery of their residents provide on-site management to ensure that every resident is safe and sober. These seasoned house managers often provide guidance and advice to newcomers in early recovery. At Life Change Recovery, all our sober living homes have live-in house managers.
  3. Sober support – while living in a transitional home, you are surrounded amongst individuals going through the same struggles as you. Everyone has a different amount of clean time which can create a strong sober support network for newcomers.
  4. Accountability – by residing in a halfway house environment, you are held to account for your actions and management can gauge the progress in your recovery by providing feedback. It’s much easier to stay clean and sober during the struggles of early recovery when you know that you’re living in a sober home. Also, many places conduct random drug and alcohol testing to ensure a substance-free household.
  5. Financial flexibility – sober homes don’t check your credit, you don’t sign a lease, and many places provide scholarships to help those that are sick and suffering. Rent payments can be made on a weekly basis and reputable halfway house owners can provide some flexibility if you’re doing the right thing and staying sober. Many places understand the financial difficulties of addicts in early recovery and would not “evict” you over a late rent payment like a leasing office would.

There are many more benefits of sober living and this is just an introductory list that provides the truth about sober homes. It is important to do your homework when choosing a transitional home, and these benefits of sober living can be a checklist for you to follow when making your decision.

About Life Change Recovery

Our sober homes are located in the heart Palm Beach County, allowing our residents the unique opportunity to explore the tropical scenery of South Florida with year-round comfortable temperatures and sunny skies. Getting away from where your addiction began helps in creating a fresh start as you reinvent and reinvigorate yourself in recovery. It’s time to contact our transitional sober living homes for men and women, located in Delray Beach.

Individuals under our guided care can expect to feel increasing levels of personal accomplishments, self-esteem, self-sufficiency along with confidence so that there is progress toward the ultimate goal of full independence along with a strong foundation for your recovery, grown from a twelve-step based program in a safe sober living environment.