Cash Pay Halfway Houses South Florida

Insurance based sober homes have become unethical with the release of a new sober home cleanup bill that puts the spotlight on unscrupulous halfway house owners. At Life Change Recovery, we offer cash pay halfway houses South Florida for men and women that truly want to improve their lives and are committed to the process of recovery. Our cash pay sober living has a set weekly rent structure that residents must abide by on a regular basis. Everyone knows exactly what to expect when residing in our cash pay halfway houses South Florida.

Cash Pay Halfway Houses South Florida

Cash Pay Halfway Houses Delray Beach

Our sober homes are located in the heart of Delray Beach, Florida, in close proximity to the ocean and many attractions, restaurants, and job opportunities. Each recovery residence offers structure and stability for those tough early months when you’re first experiencing the real-life challenges of being sober. It’s not always so easy to stay on the straight and narrow if you’re living in a bad situation, that’s why halfway houses are highly recommended when you first leave treatment or get off the street.

With random drug and alcohol testing along with on-site management, our cash pay halfway houses Delray Beach are designed for your long-term recovery in mind. We want everyone to succeed and stay away from drugs and alcohol. Our management team believes that your life is much better and more fulfilling without having to use these mood and mind-altering substances.

If you or a loved one are ready to move into a safe transitional living home in Delray Beach, Florida, please contact us for placement right now. We will give you a breakdown of the bed openings and welcome a tour of our properties. Let’s walk the journey to sobriety together, one step at a time.

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