Cash Pay Transitional Living Palm Beach County

Cash pay sober homes are not affiliated with any treatment centers and operate fully independently. We provide cash pay transitional living in Palm Beach County for men, women, and couples that want to rebuild lives destroyed by addiction. Perhaps you’ve recently completed a treatment program, or are simply coming off the street and need a safe place to stabilize and get yourself together. As long as you’re clean and committed to your recovery, we welcome you with open arms. Cash pay transitional living Palm Beach County is structured to help each resident that is willing to do whatever it takes to stop using drugs and/or alcohol.

Cash Pay Transitional Living Palm Beach County

Cash Pay Halfway Houses Florida

We understand that it’s not easy to avoid a relapse when you’re trying to get clean on your own. There are temptations and cravings around the corner at every turn. The good news is that a cash pay halfway house in Florida can assist you in building the necessary copy skills to overcome your addiction in the real world. Whether you need to stay for a month or six months, we don’t ask questions but rather support you through the whole process. While there is plenty of freedom within our recovery residences, we have a strict zero-tolerance policy for active using and you’ll need to leave the property if you’re caught with drugs in your system.

Substance abuse is destroying communities throughout Florida and the whole country. It’s our mission to help men, women, and couples that are searching for cash pay transitional living in Palm Beach County. Each one of our recovery residences offers comfortable amenities so that you can feel at ease and focus on yourself. If you’re ready to jump into recovery and want to live in a structured and well-managed sober home in Delray Beach, Florida, please contact us for placement information today. We are happy to assist you in making the right decision for your future.

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