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If a sober home is managed correctly, it will have rules and regulations in place so that relapses are minimized. For most people, it’s how they perceive the rules and are able to conform to the requirements of the halfway house. For one addict, a sober home isn’t strict, while for another who was raised differently or lived a life of free-roaming active addiction, the adjustment process is not as smooth. Regardless of personal preference, if you’re committed to staying sober, then you will respect the rules put in place to help the sober living community. At Life Change Recovery, we value accountability and taking responsibility for your actions. We treat every resident as the grown adult that they area, and won’t baby anyone around the clock. We have on-site management that works hard to make sure each resident has all the tools and knowledge to succeed in his/her recovery. If anyone has a problem with the results or a resident, they can easily bring it up with the house manager for a quick resolution. If you’re interested in safe and comfortable sober living in Delray Beach ,Florida, don’t hesitate to contact us around the clock for the latest placement information.
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