Couples Halfway Houses Delray Beach

Couples sober living homes require structure and stability so that loved ones in early recovery have the right kind of support to stay sober together. Our couples halfway houses Delray Beach were created with relationships in-mind to ensure that you can get through the early struggles of recovery together. With beautiful locations in scenic and quiet neighborhoods, our couples halfway houses Delray Beach are the perfect destination to rebuild lives destroyed by addiction. Couples in recovery have a difficult time staying sober because of high relapse rates. Here at Life Change Recovery our years of experience have shown us the correct way in helping couples affected by substance abuse.

Couples halfway houses delray beach

Couples Halfway House Delray Beach, FL

We conduct random drug and alcohol screens on all our residents so you don’t have to worry about any bad apples. We expect every resident to commit to a plan of recovery that includes regular twelve step meetings. It is our belief that twelve step meetings will help you stay sober as they have helped so many people around the world. It’s encouraged for you to find employment as soon as possible to stay productive and keep up with your rent payments. Our on-site managers are here to assist you and your loved one with any issues or problems that may arise.

Co-Ed Sober Living Delray Beach

Our couples halfway houses Delray Beach are close to many restaurants and attractions in the area because we want you to experience the joy that is possible in recovery. Our management team works hard in providing weekly recovery outings and sober activities for all our residents. Whether you’re fresh out of detox, inpatient treatment, or looking for a change, our co-ed sober living homes await your arrival. Experience all the beautiful weather and scenery that Florida has to offer as you rebuild your lives together in recovery. Reach out for placement information and bed openings, day or night, rain or shine.