Couples Sober Living in Florida

Couples in a serious relationship should have the opportunity to recover together if you’re both committed to staying clean and sober. That’s why we’ve created couples sober living in Florida for responsible men and women in long-term relationships that want to rebuild their lives together. Living in a couples sober home is not a walk in the park. We have rules in place to make sure that the atmosphere is positive and will grow your personal recovery. Our couples sober living in Florida is located in clean and safe neighborhoods so partners can focus on their relationship and maintain the recovery process.

couples sober living in florida

Couples Halfway Houses in Florida

Our recovery residences are located in the heart of Delray Beach, Florida, close to shopping malls and downtown restaurants. We are a short drive from the beach in a vibrant area with sober activities around the clock. Twelve-step meetings are within walking distance and there are endless employment opportunities in the area. There are many choices for halfway houses in Florida, but few offer couples sober living in a structured and safe environment. Most couples halfway houses are not managed well and relapses are common in such residences. At Life Change Recovery, we make the safety and wellness of each client our number one priority at all times.

Florida is the perfect place to restart your life and reinvent your future. With sunny skies and around the clock comfortable temperatures, it’s a place to recharge your “batteries” and get back on track. We recommend three to six months in a transitional living environment for the best chance of avoiding relapse once you’re back in the real world. Couples face unique challenges such as co-dependency issues, domestic violence, and intimacy issues. It will take time to heal the wounds that addiction created. If you’re ready to start the process and are interested in couples sober living in Florida, please contact us today.

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