Drug Tested Halfway Houses Delray Beach

Loved ones of addicts and alcoholics know how important it is to keep them accountable during the early recovery period. Our drug tested halfway houses in Delray Beach, Florida, ensure an atmosphere that is free from any mood or mind-altering substances. We don’t just drug test randomly and regularly, but also do breathalyzer tests to make sure that no one is abusing alcohol. We know that the cornerstone of recovery depends on staying clean and sober. That’s why each of our Life Change Recovery halfway houses is structured and managed around the clock.

Drug Tested Halfway Houses Delray Beach

Drug Tested Sober Living Delray Beach

What can you expect from drug tested sober living in Delray Beach? For one, residents don’t know when the next drug test will be. It could be once a week or in shorter and longer intervals. We keep the element of surprise to make sure that those residents with cravings are aware of the impending checks on their sobriety. With drug tested halfway houses Delray Beach, everyone is held accountable for their actions.

What happens if someone relapses in a halfway house? We have a zero tolerance for using, so if a drug test reveals drugs in a residents system, there are a few options available. We always try to help that person with placement in a reputable drug detox so that he/she can be clean again. If they complete the detox, they can return to Life Change Recovery and continue to work on their sobriety. However, a person cannot stay on property if they’ve relapsed because we take the safety of all our residents above all else. We believe that each person is able to recover if they put in the footwork which includes twelve-step meetings, getting a sponsor,  and getting a job. If you’re interested in drug tested halfway houses in Delray Beach, Florida, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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