Does Everyone Need Sober Living After Treatment?

Not everyone needs sober living after treatment, but it certainly does help in maintaining that hard-earned sobriety. Living in a structured environment, especially in early recovery, is very beneficial. You’ll learn valuable life skills that pave the road to recovery long after you’ve left the sober home you choose to stay in. Life Change Recovery offers comfortable and inviting sober homes for men and women in Delray Beach, Florida.

Many of our residents enter sober living straight after leaving addiction treatment (inpatient rehab or detox) because it’s a continuum of care that is proven to increase the chance of staying clean and sober. While many people believe that they don’t need a sober home or halfway house, this may not always be the case. It’s important to consider the many benefits of sober living before you make a final decision.

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Why is Sober Living Important?

Sober living is the cornerstone of aftercare along with intensive outpatient (IOP) therapy. Often, the way it works is that after leaving inpatient rehab, a person will reside in a sober home while going to intensive outpatient on a part-time basis. This aftercare program is solution-focused to provide addicts and alcoholics straight out of rehab with the right tools and knowledge needed to stay clean.

Rebuilding your life right after rehab is not easy and there may be many roadblocks ahead. Triggers and cravings are common, especially in those early transitional periods. A sober home offers supervision and structure that includes drug/alcohol testing to keep everyone at the house in check. The temptation to use drugs/alcohol can subside if you know that you’re getting tested regularly. Also, ethical and well-managed sober homes (like us!) provide a solid support network that residents can count on when feeling down or in need of any type of assistance.

We’re always available to help our residents around the clocks with the struggles they may be facing. If you’re interested in learning more about Life Change Recovery Sober Living, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Interested in Sober Living?