Florida Halfway Houses

Our Florida halfway houses are comfortable and offer a premier sober living experience for men, women, and couples. We focus on offering a safe and secure housing environment for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. There are so many Florida halfway houses to choose from, so we know it’s difficult to find the right one. In recent years, many unscrupulous halfway houses have popped up throughout Florida. We understand what it means to be an ethical and reputable sober home for addicts and alcoholics looking to rebuild their lives.

florida halfway houses

Halfway Houses in Florida

Our halfway houses in Florida are located in Palm Beach County. This is the recovery capital of the world and a pristine destination for long-term sobriety. With gorgeous year-long temperatures and sunny skies, there isn’t much else you need to ask for in terms of location. Our Florida halfway houses are close to the beach and twelve-step meetings. There are many job opportunities in the area so you can easily get back on your feet.

Our management team is in recovery so we understand what you’re going through. There will be obstacles in rebuilding your life in early recovery, but with the structure and support of a good Florida halfway house helps to make this possible. Once under our care and guidance, you’ll feel increased levels of confidence and self-worth as you begin taking the steps to improve your life. We are big on accountability and responsibility so everyone is treated as an adult. There is no hand-holding or babysitting – we expect you to pave the path to a new life.

Taking advantage of the benefits of a sober and drug-free lifestyle is very important. We encourage all residents to engage in personal development and to enjoy sober activities. Having fun in recovery is important for staying clean because if you’re miserable then it’s a recipe for a relapse. Allow us to help you or your loved one on the road to a better tomorrow. Our Florida halfway houses for men, women, and couples are only a phone call away! We have addiction resources at our disposal that will help you stay clean and sober.

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