Changes in the Florida Sober Living Industry

In recent years, the Florida sober living industry has become more regulated and for good reason. Reputable and ethical sober homes are able to thrive while “flophouses” are closing down. This all stems from the many overdoses and deaths attributed to sober homes that used illegal marketing practices to lure clients, along with allowing residents to use drugs without consequences. This was a recipe for disaster and for many years the South Florida sober living shuttle thrived on the misfortunes of addicts searching for help.

In 2017 a sober home clean-up bill was passed that regulated the dangerous and illegal aspects of the sober living industry that some bad actors were taking advantage of. Since then, we’ve seen a renaissance in Florida sober living recovery residences that focus on helping addicts and alcoholics truly stay sober and rebuild their lives.

Changes in the Florida Sober Living Industry

Sober Home Cleanup Bill

With the changes implemented by the sober home clean-up bill, we’re left with halfway houses that operate the correct way with the best interest of each resident above all else. At Life Change Recovery, our sober homes are structured and comfortable to ensure a pleasant way. We have a zero tolerance policy for using inside of our residences and go above and beyond to ensure any relapses are responded to accordingly. We abide by the ethical marketing practices of the sober home clean-up bill and believe with this the correct step in the sober living industry. The Wild West mentality is gone and now everyone must take a client-first approach instead of trying to make an extra buck wherever possible.

If you’re interested in a Florida sober living home that encourages personal development and offers real guidance in the early stages of recovery, please give us a call. We welcome men, women, and couples that are ready to take the next step in their personal journey to success and happiness.

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