Sober Living: A Guide To Success In A Structured Environment

So you’ve decided that living in a sober home will be beneficial to your goal of abstinence from drug and alcohol abuse. We agree! Transitional living provides the needed support from your peers in the sober living community along with management and owners that should be there for you with assistance. It is important to pick a sober home where you will feel comfortable, safe, and secure. There should be 24/7 on-site staff to maintain an atmosphere of recovery, along with random breathalyzer and urinalysis screenings to ensure the household is drug and alcohol-free. When hunting for the perfect halfway house to build your recovery, you should inquire about the following:

  • Does the sober home provide any transportation to twelve step meetings, outpatient therapy, doctors appointments etc?

  • Is there assistance with finding employment such as helping create job resumes and placement in vocational training?

  • Does the sober home engage its’ residents in recovery-related activities, engagements, and outings?

  • Is there encouragement and assistance for placement in therapy to build your recovery in an outpatient setting?

Enjoying nature in sober living.

Solutions To Transitional Sober Housing

Your search for a halfway house with comfortable amenities and a focus on long-term recovery can be over today. Life Change Recovery is dedicated to providing lasting solutions to substance abuse in a structured environment. Hailed for our detailed aftercare planning that is the cornerstone of any lasting recovery, our transitional sober living homes in South Florida are always a step ahead, especially during your time of personal growth under our care. As a cohesive team, we provide everyone with comfort and amenities unlike any other to ensure your happiness. From interactive cable/WiFi to on-site transportation for recovery events, it is our mission to assist every client to the fullest, yet within reason, as you must hold yourself accountable for actions conducted in sobriety. What are you waiting for? Contact us today for a no-cost consultation and our addiction specialists will guide you to the right plan of action for your future.

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