Halfway Houses Palm Beach County

With our years of experience and dedication in helping others recover, we are by far one of the best halfway houses in Palm Beach County, Florida. While there are many sober living homes to choose from in the area, our Palm Beach County sober living residences are safe, structured, and comfortable. We understand what addicts and alcoholics in early recovery go through.

After years of seeing so many people relapse, we realized that boredom is a big trigger for recovering addicts. That’s why at Life Change Recovery, our weekends are packed with fun and exciting recovery-related outings and adventures. If you’re ready for an experience of a lifetime, then give our halfway houses in Palm Beach County a try.

halfway houses palm beach county

Halfway Houses Palm Beach County FL

We’re located in the heart of South Florida, in the heart of a strong recovery-oriented foundation. Whether you’re local in the area or from another state, men and women across the country choose Palm Beach County as their destination to get better. With sunny skies and year-round comfortable temperatures, this is the best place to get away from the people, places, and things that contributed to your using. Reinvent yourself in a structured Palm Beach County halfway house that’s managed by Life Change Recovery.

While you may face challenges and hurdles along the way, it’s important to stick with it because a life in recovery is worth living. Our Delray Beach sober homes are close to a vibrant downtown area that has many shops, restaurants, and leisure activities. It’s quite easy to find a quality job and begin working on yourself to build a solid foundation for staying clean.

Once you’re ready for halfway houses Palm Beach County, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information. We encourage viewings and tours of our properties to make sure that you’re satisfied with your decision. Our management team has nothing to hide and by residing in our beautiful sober homes, you have everything to gain. Each Palm Beach County halfway house has a live-in manager that supervises the property around the clock to ensure a drug-free and positive atmosphere.

Contact us today to speak with a care coordinator and let’s walk the journey to recovery together.

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