Are halfway houses and sober homes drug tested?

We often are asked about the drug testing policy at our halfway houses in Delray Beach. Many people are interested in knowing about drug testing, and for good reason. Sober homes that are randomly drug tested are usually a safer place for addicts and alcoholics to recover. There is less worry about residents using in secret or even in the open with other residents at the house. Are halfway houses and sober homes drug tested? This all depends on each recovery residence and how it’s structured. We can only speak from our experience in operating our Life Change Recovery sober homes.

Are halfway houses and sober homes drug tested

Sober living drug testing policies

When it comes to sober living, drug testing policies vary from place to place. If you’re searching for a reputable halfway house, then it should drug testing their residents randomly and at somewhat regular intervals. For example, at Life Change Recovery, we conduct weekly drug screenings and breathalyzers that ensure the residences are a drug-free environment. This makes it easier for addicts and alcoholics under our care to avoid the temptations of a relapse.

While this approach is not fool-proof, it offers a great way to keep residents at a halfway house accountable and responsible for their actions. If someone does relapse and it’s known on the drug screen, we can quickly take action by removing that person from the residence (for the safety of everyone) and can recommend a detox program so that they come back clean.

Not all halfway houses and sober homes are drug tested, but the ones that truly care about their residents usually are. The early recovery period is difficult and many people face cravings and have to deal with triggers. By implementing a zero-tolerance policy for using inside a sober home, these difficulties are a little easier to deal with.

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