The Gift Of Sobriety

We have found that the most important aspect of recovery is to have fun and enjoy yourself. Solitude and isolation can deprive a person of the joys of sobriety. For individuals in early recovery, it is important to have sober support in-place, such as following a twelve-step program, living in a transitional sober home structure and having the support of family/friends. There are many healthy outlets to enjoying a life in recovery.

The prospect of hangovers, drug overdoses, broken relationships with family, friends, loved ones, poor academics, lost scholarships or job opportunities, bad choices and decisions, poor memory, illness and injury–this is just the beginning of the consequences that result from drug/alcohol abuse. Usually nobody warns you about these repercussions the first time you reach for a joint, a bottle, syringe or pill. However, our goal at Life Change Recovery is to raise awareness about the dangers of substance abuse and provide a safe haven for addicts/alcoholics. The truth is that there are many other activities available to you that are safer and more productive and that can provide a life in sobriety beyond your wildest dreams.

Freedom with the help of sobriety.

Fun In Recovery: Sober Activities

Below we have listed fun activities that can make your sobriety more enjoyable. You should never be bored after you stop using drugs or alcohol! Life is beautiful and worth living in recovery, just the fact of waking up in the morning with energy and life is always a blessing. We hope that these activities will invigorate your imagination to be productive and enjoy yourself!

  • Starting reading...go to the library or borrow a book!

  • Join a gym. Exercise will make you feel better in every way imaginable.

  • Find new hobbies. There is so much to do in recovery!

  • Volunteer! There is no better feeling than helping a person in need.

  • Learn a sport you’ve always enjoyed but never had the chance to play.

  • Enjoy the nature...if you’re close to the ocean, go to the beach! Visit a park, zoo, or aquarium.

About Life Change Recovery

We are a community of sober living residences for men and women to recover comfortably in a safe and secure environment. In our recovery homes and transitional halfway houses, our clients are part of a family. We encourage you to use the freedom to live your daily life responsibly and create the building blocks for self-sufficiency while providing you with the tools, knowledge, and structure for long-term sobriety. Life Change Recovery is located in Palm Beach County, South Florida: the recovery capital of the world with sunny skies, palm trees, and year-round comfortable temperatures! Contact us if you’re interested in a solution-focused transitional living home and we will assess your situation at no cost to you.