Guys, Need Sober Living In Lake Worth?

If the answer is No, then you are missing out on a premier luxury sober living house to call home and live comfortably while you get your life in order. Guys, starting over once you’ve decided to stay clean and sober requires some hard work. But there is no reason your living environment shouldn’t be easy and really nice. Lake Worth is one of the strongest recovery communities in all of Palm Beach County, and not to mention it’s a beach town with so much to do! Here you will not just live in a great new house with cool people who are all staying sober, but you will have luxury amenities at your reach!

men's lake worth sober living example

Why Choose Our Sober Living Homes?

First of all, if you are not serious about staying clean and sober then our houses aren’t going to work for you. However, if you have read this far then maybe you want help. Sober Living for men provides a safe atmosphere where everyone is on the same page. Our houses are elegant in all senses of the word. We require that all residents work, go to IOP, and stay positive about recovery. We run a program within a program, and that is how it works. Our houses are managed by leaders in recovery, and everyone is treated with respect. So if you are ready to stay on the path of least resistance, meaning you are down for your recovery then we want you here!

We Go To Meetings

For guys in early recovery, going to meetings isn’t always first on their list. Especially, as what  they have to do at the end of a long day. And we get that! Meetings can be tiring and they can be boring, yet what we want you to realize is that meetings ‘keep you in check’. Even if it’s literally just to check the box that you went. Routine lives are safe lives, and learning to make meetings no matter what is crucial. Church meetings, Buddhist meetings, clean and sober meetings, are all fine, as long as it’s supporting your recovery! We will require you attend a number of meetings a week, and to make this easy, we provide rides and tell you where the good ones are.

Gentlemen, We Are The Support You Need, Where You Want It

Lake Worth sober living for men is minutes from the gorgeous clear blue Atlantic ocean. Beach activities and cool restaurants and coffee shops are right next to us. And all of  our houses are modern and luxurious. Every house has cable, Netflix, GAMES and many other cool amenities that guys need. We provide 24/7 support here, by a paid staff, and our location is central to everything you will need.