Palm Beach County Recovery Residences

Our Palm Beach County recovery residences provide a structured and supportive environment for men, women, and couples in early recovery. We started Life Change Recovery a few years ago with a vision of helping addicts and alcoholics that truly want to get better. What makes our Palm Beach County recovery residences different from other sober homes in the area? Our Delray Beach halfway house is managed by 24/7 on-site house managers to make sure that we keep a drug-free and alcohol-free atmosphere. With random drug testing, we have a zero tolerance policy for relapse which keeps the environment in a positive recovery mood.

Palm Beach County Recovery Residences

Delray Beach Recovery Residences

In our sober living homes, we offer structure and freedom at the same time to make sure each resident has room for personal growth in his/her life. Our Delray Beach recovery residences were created to be the solid foundation for addicts and alcoholics to have the opportunity to rebuild their lives. Located in the heart of Palm Beach County, our residents enjoy year-round sunny skies and comfortable temperatures. This is the best environment to stabilize yourself and transition back into the real world after completing addiction treatment or getting off the streets.

We understand that getting clean and sober is not easy because many people on our team are in recovery themselves. When you’re searching for a halfway house, be aware that there are many Palm Beach County recovery residences that are not reputable and ethical. It’s best to do a tour of the sober home yourself first to see where it’s located, how it looks inside, and what kind of people live in the residence. At Life Change Recovery, we encourage potential residents to come to tour our properties. We want everyone to be happy with the choice they make so that each addition is a positive influence in our community. If you’re interested in safe and comfortable Palm Beach County residences for men, women, and couples, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

Sober Housing in Delray Beach, Florida