Pet Friendly Sober Living Delray Beach

If you’re searching for a pet friendly sober living home in Delray Beach, Florida, you’ve probably figured out by now that it’s not an easy search. Most sober living residences don’t allow pets but we believe in the therapeutic nature of animals. If you have a pet and are a good candidate for your household, we will allow you to take care of your pet if you are responsible and it doesn’t affect the other residents.

It’s a case-by-case basis but if you and your “best friend” are a good fit, then we will welcome you both with open arms! As pet friendly sober living in Delray Beach, Florida, we are ready to assist you on the journey to staying clean and sober.

pet friendly sober living

Pet Friendly Halfway Houses Delray Beach

With a focus on pet friendly halfway houses that offer comfort for all residents, we ensure that the atmosphere is not a danger to your pet. Our management team stresses that only responsible residents are given the unique opportunity to have a pet on the property and it’s up to that person to take care of the animal. Having another living being under your care, especially in early recovery, can be tough and it’s important to be up to the challenge.

There have been numerous studies on the benefits of pets in recovery. They help relieve stress and anxiety and fill the owner with a sense of responsibility. Under the right circumstances, having a dog, cat, or even a hamster can be a fulfilling and positive experience for a recovering addict. If you’re truly interested in pet friendly sober living Delray Beach, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

As animal lovers ourselves, we truly understand the special bond that many addicts and alcoholics have with their loyal and loving pets.

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