Recovery Residences Delray Beach

Are you searching for recovery residences in Delray Beach, Florida, for yourself or a loved one? If so, you’re exactly in the right place! Our safe and comfortable sober homes offer a great place for men, women, and couples to rebuild their lives. If you’re not careful in choosing the right sober home, you could end up in a house that encourages using drugs and alcohol. There are unethical halfway houses that don’t put the best interest of each resident as the number one priority.

Life Change Recovery has been around for years and we proudly serve Palm Beach County as the premier sober living destination. Our recovery residences Delray Beach all offer amenities that encourage the comfort and safety of each individual. While there will be challenges along the way, the support system in each household will help you stay on the straight and narrow. Our house management supervises each sober living home and we are in recovery ourselves. We understand the struggles that our residents go through, especially in the crucial early recovery time period.

Recovery Residences Delray Beach

Recovery Residences Delray Beach FL

Making the jump to living in a sober home is a big change and some people may not be ready. However, studies show that sober living environments improve treatment outcomes for addicts and alcoholics if you adhere to the program and a twelve-step philosophy. We’ve created our recovery residences in Delray Beach, Florida, based on experience and first-hand accounts of how not to run a sober home. Our management team takes the suggestions of the household seriously and we actively work to continue improving the atmosphere for each person.

While residing in our Delray Beach halfway houses, residents have easy access to twelve-step meetings, employment opportunities, and a vibrant downtown area that’s close to the Atlantic Ocean. Each of our recovery residences is equipped with flat screen TV’s that include cable and we offer high-speed Wi-Fi internet so you can stay connected easily. If you or someone you know is interested in a Delray Beach sober home, don’t hesitate to contact us around the clock!

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