Do sober homes drug test residents?

Many people wonder if sober homes and halfway houses drug test residents on a regular basis. This depends on whether the sober home is ethical and reputable or something more commonly known as a flophouse. In recent years, these flophouses have given sober homes in South Florida a bad name. When it comes to legitimate halfway houses like Life Change Recovery, we randomly drug test our residents on a weekly basis. Our focus is the safety and recovery of each resident and random drug/alcohol screens help us achieve this atmosphere that’s conducive to recovery.

Do sober homes and halfway houses drug test residents

Drug testing in halfway houses

There are addicts and alcoholics that prefer sober homes without supervision and drug testing. Unfortunately, often these individuals may not be ready to do whatever it takes to stay sober. Early recovery is the time period in which most people relapse so it’s important to have the structure in place that can help you avoid these setbacks. Drug and alcohol testing is just one way to stay accountable and on the right path. It’s an effective deterrent that could mean the difference between homelessness and having a safe place to recover.

What happens if a drug test is positive when you’re in a halfway house? Every sober home has it’s own rules when it comes to the relapse policy. We can speak for ourselves – at Life Change Recovery we have a zero tolerance policy for using drugs and alcohol within our residences. If someone relapses, they must go to detox and if the drugs are out of their system, they come back for another chance. If that’s not possible, we will always do our best to place that person in another facility but they cannot stay with us because it’s a danger to the other recovering residents.

We’ve worked hard to build a safe and supportive atmosphere for men, women, and couples. Our sober living in Delray Beach, Florida, offers maximum comfort and beautiful amenities to ensure that every resident has a positive experience under our roof. If you’re interested in learning more about our residences, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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