Are you searching for a recovery oriented and comfortable sober living home? Our halfway houses and sober homes in Delray Beach FL offer the ultimate recovery experience for those serious about staying clean and sober. With on-site management and a solution-focused approach to sobriety, Life Change Recovery offers the tools needed to stay sober. Let’s explore why our sober living homes are a unique experience geared toward long-term recovery.

sober living experience

About Us: 360 Full Circle

So you’re interested in staying sober but the people, places, and things around you make it difficult to overcome your addiction. It’s a smart decision to consider a sober home or halfway house: the structure of transitional living allows addicts and alcoholics to stabilize in a drug and alcohol-free environment that is monitored by professionals. At Life Change Recovery, our comfortable amenities ensure that each resident is treated like part of a family. For everyone that joins our community, we proudly offer the following accommodations:

  • building resumes for success

  • job interview training

  • continued life skills training

  • food assistance (SNAP) registration

  • trips to the food bank as needed

Our location in the heartland of South Florida allows for the opportunity for you to explore the tropical scenery with year-round comfortable temperatures and sunny skies. Getting away from where your addiction progressed will allow you to have a fresh start and reinvent yourself in recovery.

Contact Life Change Recovery

Reach out to our professionals for a free consultation and we will assess your situation for the best course of action. We can help you with travel arrangements to ensure a safe arrival at one of our halfway houses or sober homes in Delray Beach FL. We also have locations in Lake Worth—another vibrant recovery community. Now is the time to make a 360 full circle change in your life and explore the world of recovery. Put the misery of active addiction behind you once and for all!