Sober Living After Rehab

Many people are unsure of the importance of sober living after rehab. While you’re in treatment, most case managers will strongly recommend sober living or a halfway house after rehab because it’s a proven process that works. Sober living after rehab provides an addict or alcoholic in early recovery with the tools needed for success. As you adjust to the real world, a halfway house environment will help you stay and clean and sober. Let’s get into the specifics of why sober living in Delray Beach is recommended after detox or inpatient treatment.

sober living after rehab

Importance of Sober Living After Rehab

When you leave rehab, it is a vulnerable time and most relapses happen during this early period of recovery. There are triggers all around you and you often feel strong cravings/urges to use your drug of choice. When living in a halfway house, these dangers are minimized because you’re in more of a controlled setting.

Sober living offers on-site management to ensure that the household is drug and alcohol-free. Random drug/alcohol testing discourages relapse because residents know that being caught means consequences. If you’re considering living in a halfway house, you should choose a place that is not a “flop house”. Make sure that the sober living you’ve picked is safe, comfortable, and recovery oriented.

If you relapse, this means a return to treatment so you can further work on yourself before trying again in sober living. A genuine and legitimate sober home should not allow residents to relapse without any consequences. Sober living after rehab can help you learn the essential and necessary life skills for staying sober in the real world. If you’re ready to change your life and enrich your recovery, then you’ve come to the right place.

About Life Change Recovery

Life Change Recovery has been helping addicts and alcoholics with sober living in Delray Beach, Florida, for years and our experience shows in the way we run our houses. With friendly rent pricing and a focus on your personal growth, we are here to help. Our halfway houses for couples, men, and women are in scenic neighborhoods and offer amenities to ensure your comfort. Contact our care coordinators around the clock for up-to-date placement information.