Let’s explore the top five reasons why sober living is so important and crucial, especially in early recovery! When an addict is reaching out for help to get past their addictions, and have realized they need to be in sober living there are suggestions that you can make in order to support them. These suggestions are the reasons addicts often need help from a sober living house and are pretty much the norm for most residents. Newly recovering addicts need to be reminded that no matter how far they have gone down the path of addiction, there is someone else who’s been there or farther, yet now has directions to take a new path that is lighted in recovery.

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  • Accountability: Most addicts have forgotten that it is not okay to leave their dishes in the sink for days on end, or that the front door should stay locked. In fact, it is common for most newbies in recovery to struggle with changing their past (addict) ways of living life. Sober living is designed to remind people that those types of old behaviors can endorse a relapse, and therefore that is why simple rules are set. Like, be home by 10 p.m. so you can get plenty of sleep, etc. The support from this type of community negates troublesome behaviors. Every sober living house has an onsite manager who leads by example and helps with inspiring each resident to become responsible. Holding oneself accountable is the goal all sober living houses strive to achieve.
  • Cost Of Living: Newly recovering addicts are usually pretty short on money. Some are even overcoming homelessness. Sober living is much less expensive than an apartment and does not require a deposit, credit check or rental references. Sober living is where most residents build their references and rental history. The cost cannot be compared when you count in the support that is free at a sober living house. As well,FYI, for many residents, private insurance can also cover the costs of sober living.
  • New Phase In Recovery: Sober living is not just for the newbie who is just starting out. Many residents are returning to a sober living house because it provides the support they need. Every person is different and some people need more of a good thing for longer. Often house managers (who are recovering addicts themselves) have decided that by leading others they lead themselves best, and why not get paid to become someone’s mentor in recovery. Whatever the phase is in recovery sober living is never the wrong answer.
  • After Relapse: It is not uncommon to see an addict relapse. I think we all wish this was not true. However, time is of a crucial essence after someone relapses. This person is guilt-ridden and ashamed and needs help getting through the negative emotions. Of all the reasons to go into sober living this one is the biggest. Returning to recovery after a relapse is (usually) harder than initially getting sober. Here the support factor of a sober living house is incomparable. This is the time when an addict needs to be understood and loved the most, and sober living residents will do just that.
  • It’s not their Decision: Many who live in sober living are not there by choice. Court mandated or cornered by the family to go or else, is typical. What is also typical of persons who are in some ways forced to reside in a halfway house, is that over time they adjust. If you asked a room full of successful recovering addicts and alcoholics: how many of them did not want to be in sober living, and they went to please someone else? All of them would raise their hands (as a yes). One can rest knowing that in time recovery will win and the newly recovering addict will stop fighting. They will come to terms that it is the best decision for them.

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