South Florida: The Worldwide Addiction Recovery Capital

South Florida has the unique distinction as being the recovery capital of the world and for good reason. It’s also known as a popular vacation destination. Wouldn’t you want to live a drug free lifestyle where other people vacation? Twelve step meetings and sober living opportunities along with treatment options are readily available for anyone searching for sobriety. A strong recovery community is evident across South Florida, with walking distance to twelve step meetings all across the area.

South Florida Scenery

The Perfect Recovery Environment

With year-round comfortable temperatures and sunny skies, South Florida is the ultimate destination to maintain and keep your sobriety. Palm Beach County is the epicenter of recovery, with a critical mass of recovering addicts in one location, helping one another in sober living communities across the area. While in recent years there have been many instances of scams and dishonest rehabilitation programs, there are many legitimate and caring facilities that offer an opportunity to recover. Permanent lifestyle changes are easier in a new environment, when you get away from the people, places, and things that have caused you to be addicted. In South Florida, there are countless individuals from all over the country with years of sobriety that have started their journey to recovery here. If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse, a change of scenery may be just what is needed to change the thinking and behaviors associated with addiction.

Sober Living in South Florida

Life Change Recovery is a sober living community hailed for our detailed aftercare planning that is the cornerstone of any lasting recovery. Our transitional sober living homes in South Florida are always a step ahead, especially during your time of personal growth under our care. As a cohesive team, we provide everyone with comfort and amenities unlike any other to ensure your happiness. From interactive cable/WiFi to on-site transportation for recovery events, it is our mission to assist every client to the fullest, yet within reason, as you must hold yourself accountable for actions conducted in sobriety. Recover in maximum comfort under the care of professionals with on-site management and a careful assessment process. Success for addicts with a history of chronic relapse is measured by longer and more productive periods of sobriety and shorter and less damaging periods of substance abuse. This can be achieved in a sober living environment nestled in a strong recovery community. It’s time to regain your life and renew your future with Life Change Recovery.

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