Staying Sober in a Halfway House

We have people from all walks of life in every situation manageable come to us for shelter and a safe haven to rebuild their lives in recovery. Staying sober in a halfway house is not difficult if you’re truly committed to changing your life. However, there are often rules you have to abide by that keep the atmosphere safe and conducive to recovery for everyone in the household. What can you expect when you’re trying to stay sober in a halfway house? There will be roadblocks and challenges along the way, but a solid and reputable sober home should have all the necessary assistance available for you to avoid a relapse.

How Halfway Houses Keep You Sober

How Halfway Houses Keep You Sober

From our experience, halfway houses can keep you sober in a couple different ways. For starters, the structure offered by a sober home such as our residences at Life Change Recovery hold residents accountable for their actions. We offer on-site management and supervision by recovering addicts that are experienced in the industry. If a resident is feeling down or starts showing relapse-related behaviors, our on-site managers are trained to recognize that and offer help when you’re feeling vulnerable. Your sober living experience can be a time of personal self-growth and development if you used it wisely to your advantage.

Staying sober in a halfway house does not have a be a miserable experience by any means. In our recovery residences, we understand the importance of having fun in recovery and on the weekends we take our residents on engaging outings that include the beach, parks, barbeques, sports, and so much more. Twelve-step meetings are within walking distance from every Life Change Recovery sober home to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to work on their personal journey to freedom from addiction. Random drug and alcohol tests are conducted throughout the week that makes it easier to stay sober in a halfway house because you know that being caught using will mean removal from the sober home.

If you or a loved one are interested in a safe, comfortable, and reputable sober home for men, women, and couples, don’t hesitate to contact our halfway houses in Delray Beach, Florida.

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