Structured Sober Living in Florida

What’s structured sober living? If you’re in early recovery and unsure if that’s what you need, then you’re not alone. Maneuvering the world of addiction recovery is not easy because there are so many conflicting opinions about what you should be doing. Our expertise in sober living guides our experiences and recommendations. Life Change Recovery offers structured sober living in Florida for men, women, and couples that are ready to make a 360 change in their lives. This is a big step that should be carefully planned out because choosing the wrong sober home can have serious consequences for your recovery and well-being.

Structured Sober Living in Florida

Sober Homes in South Florida

There are many sober homes in South Florida to choose from, but your best chance at staying clean and rebuilding your life is in a structured sober home. While under our guidance and care you can expect personalized support unlike at any other residence in the area.

  • Around the clock supervision
  • On-site experienced management
  • Assistance with job searching
  • Transportation to recovery-related appointments
  • Weekend outings and fun recovery activities
  • Life skills training and so much more!

Our management team truly cares about the long-term recovery of every resident. Structured sober living in Florida can be a rewarding experience where you can build important skills to last a lifetime. If you or a loved one are considering at least three to six months in a halfway house or sober home, then we’re the right choice for you.

Simply contact one of our care coordinators and come visit our structured sober living in Florida. We will gladly let you tour our properties so you can make an informed decision about your choice of housing. If you’re out-of-state, we will do our best to assist you in every way possible for a safe arrival at our recovery residences.

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