Why are transitional living homes so popular as a bridge between recovery and the real world? The answer lies in the fact that a halfway house provides structure and stability at an unpredictable time in an addicts’ life. Early recovery can be lonely and cravings are often present during the first few months of hard-earned sobriety. Instead of tackling real world responsibilities on your own, it’s great to be in a transitional living environment where you will receive the support that’s needed for success. Our recovery homes in Palm Beach County, Florida were created with your success in mind. We want you to have all the assistance, knowledge, and tools necessary to avoid relapse while building yourself back up. Let’s explore why our transitional living homes are the ultimate solution for long-term recovery.

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Experience Transitional Living in South Florida

The experience in our Life Change Recovery transitional living homes is like no other. From a comfortable atmosphere to recovery-oriented amenities, we ensure that our clients are always engaged in their sobriety and making the right decisions. Most importantly, we know how to have FUN in recovery. We know that you did not get sober to be serious 24/7 and need time to relax, engage, and enjoy yourself. Our weekend recovery outings and fun activities ensure that you can feel the happiness that recovery brings into your life. In addition, our on-site management structure and daily check-ups provide assistance for every client that includes:

  • building resumes for success

  • job interview training

  • continued life skills training

  • food assistance (SNAP) registration

  • trips to the food bank as needed

Our gorgeous locations in the heart Palm Beach County allow you the unique opportunity to explore the tropical scenery with year-round comfortable temperatures and sunny skies. Getting away from where your addiction began helps in creating a fresh start as you reinvent and reinvigorate yourself in recovery. It’s time to contact our transitional sober living homes, located in Delray Beach and Lake Worth!