Transitional Living Palm Beach County

What’s transitional living? As the name implies, it’s a safe residence for people that are transitioning back into society, especially after drug rehab or after prolonged active addiction. Once the drugs and alcohol have left your system, often you become a different person. You’re flooded with new feelings and emotions. It can be a confusing time if you don’t know what to expect.

With the help of our transitional living Palm Beach County, men and women can safely reintegrate back into society and reinvent themselves in recovery under our careful guidance. Most sober homes don’t offer the right level of structure and support, but our transitional living in Palm Beach County is built to offer a safe haven that provides comfort and accountability which helps avoid relapse.

transitional living

Transitional Living Palm Beach County FL

If you’re skeptical about transitional living, then we totally understand. People don’t normally get excited about structure, accountability, supervision, and drug testing. However, this is what will help you regain your life and follow a positive path away from substance abuse. If you think Palm Beach County transitional living is a dreadful experience, our mission is to prove you wrong!

At our sober living homes in Palm Beach County, we take residents on weekend getaway to enjoy fun sober activities. We believe it’s important to experience the enjoyment that recovery brings into your life. We’re always available to help with transportation to recovery-related appointments. Our house managers can assist you with life skills and resume building. As an added bonus, the rooms in our sober homes have flat screen TV’s with high-speed Wi-Fi connections!

We encourage a healthy lifestyle by helping you join a gym or fitness center so you can achieve your dream figure and physique. These are benefits not many transitional living homes offer, but we are different from the rest. At Life Change Recovery, our management team truly cares about the success of each resident because we treat each other like one big recovery family.

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