Women’s Sober Living Homes in Delray Beach

Are you a woman searching for a comfortable and recovery-oriented women’s sober living home? Life Change Recovery is a community of halfway houses located in Lake Worth and Delray Beach, Florida, where sunny skies and comfortable year-round temperatures make our location the perfect place to reinvent yourself in recovery. If you’re struggling with chronic relapse, or it’s your first attempt at recovery, you should know that by placing yourself in a sober living environment, you are increasing the likelihood of long-term recovery. The solid foundation that a structured and nurturing halfway house can bring is often the difference that leads to later success. Let’s explore the reasons why our women’s halfway house in Delray Beach, Florida has helped so many women on the path to sobriety.

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Experience Women’s Transitional Living

If you’re struggling with staying sober, a women’s halfway house is the perfect recovery environment to catapult your sobriety to the next level. The women in our sober living communities in Delray Beach are offered amenities to ensure a comfortable living experience. From trips to the food bank to help with filling out the application for the nutritional assistance (SNAP) program, our on-site management makes sure that the women under our roof never go hungry. We encourage everyone to become active in a twelve step fellowship and work a solid recovery program. Our staff assists our residents with filling out employment applications and we guide anyone that needs help in creating a professional resume. We truly want every woman to succeed in sobriety and be productive. By providing the necessary tools for long-term recovery in our Delray Beach women’s halfway house, Life Change Recovery is committed to the sobriety of every single client. Begin your journey today and let’s walk the path to prosperity together.

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Our transitional sober living homes are based on the principle of allowing you enough freedom to live your daily life and take care of your responsibilities as a grown woman, but with enough structure and supervision in place to ensure that your road to self-sufficiency is ultimately successful. Reach out and contact us today and we will provide a no-cost consultation with the right advice for your situation. Our sober living homes in Delray Beach, Florida await your safe arrival!